Is Your Heart Monitor Off?

4 thoughts on “Is Your Heart Monitor Off?”

  1. Reblogged this on Grace and Truth and commented:
    Okay, this is going to be the longest reblog in record history, but I can’t wait til Thursday to spotlight this, and well, I have missed three weeks already!

    I just read this oldie but goodie from Fitly Spoken. She’s someone who always writes thought provoking, insightful and challenging pieces. Whenever I see her posts I literally get eccited about reading it before I start – no kidding! But I’ve been too busy on my own blog, I haven’t been able to keep up with hers.

    So the message of this post is: “If you are not serving Me with love, your whole heart, body, spirit and mind, I don’t want your service”. Did I get that right, dear?

    As much as I liked and agree with the message here, I couldn’t help but think, as I was rounding off reading the post, “Okay, it’s not enough that I am OBEYING You, even when it is hard for me to, and I would rather do my own thing, I have to LOVE it too? God, You’re asking too much!!!”

    Am I alone here? I am trying to be honest! It’s not everything that God says I must do or not do that I love to do or not do. There are many things that I still struggle to do with a right spirit. Like for example, submitting to my husband. Oh, a more common one, forgiving an offender! Or even, abstaining from sex before marriage! These things are not beans… They are hard.

    But the truth is that we can NEVER do these things in our own strength, with our own hearts… It takes GOD to do God’s will! It takes GOD to do the right thing, when it is hard and smile while doing it – or even LOVE it! It takes God.

    That’s why God decided He would have to give us New hearts and spirits, because with our old soul, we can never please Him. Yet we wrestle, and He sees us and our continual struggle with the flesh, and He is waiting for us to SURRENDER…every day. Everyday to ask Him for the grace to not only obey, but the grace to LOVE it!

    So, that’s what I would add to this piece. No, we can’t please God with amount of works…whether good or dead. It takes God to please God, and we simply need to be surrendered ebery day so that He can live through us. Amen.

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    1. Aww thank you so much for your kind feedback! I haven’t been posting as much as I used to either, but I am hoping to write more often in the coming weeks 🙂

      I absolutely LOVE your honesty because it is the only way we can have a genuine relationship with God! No, we don’t have to love what we do for God: we just have to watch that we are doing it because we love Him, not because He is going to squash us if we don’t obey Him etc. The focus is not on loving what we are doing, but on loving HIM enough to do things we might even hate naturally!

      Sacrifice is sacrificial because it actually pinches us! It hurts! Sometimes it wrings our hearts until we know nothing but pain in that moment. BUT if we sacrificially obey God because “Hey, I love you Lord, and while this might be the hardest thing I have to do in the long line of things I will be doing for the next 20 years, I love you enough to endure it and to do it faithfully.” That’s the idea we are trying to capture here. It doesn’t mean we do less because there are only few things we like to do; it just means that whatever we do, our hearts should be positioned in love. That way, all of our actions, whether we enjoy them or not, will improve our relationship with God and increase our intimacy.

      Sometimes I look at God and say, “But you know the ONLY reason I am doing this is because I love you right? I would never do this for any other reason.” And He has never reproved me for saying that 🙂

      I love that realness! Keep it up!

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      1. Great insights! I appreciate the distinction you have highlighted here… It is about loving God, and not so much the things we do for Him 🙂

        Check out the post I am writing, which I plan to publish tomorrow at noon. It is called THE TRUE TEST.

        God bless you, and do keep up the good work on your blog 🙂


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