Sue Me, but I love Wealth and Abundance!

7 thoughts on “Sue Me, but I love Wealth and Abundance!”

  1. I really love the second point, I’ve done and still plan to do a lot of courses and learnt skills that are good on their own but may not seem to make sense when combined together (at least on the surface).

    I solidly believe they’ll all come together in the nearest future in ways that’ll surprise me.


    1. We are constantly pressured by the world to follow a specified path and keep building on it without exploring the fullness of who we are. They call it ‘focus’ and anyone who dares to move outside the line is denigrated as ‘aimless’ or a ‘jack-of-all-trades.’ While I am sure focus (real focus) is beneficial, I believe most people miss out on the fullness of life because they are so tied to one course of action, and pay no attention to the other desires that are tugging at their hearts. How can you be all of who you are when you have never allowed yourself to fully be?


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